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Thank you for coming to The Cultural Explorer web site.

We want to thank all our adventurous travelers who have journeyed with us across the beautiful country of South Africa. We have enjoyed every minute of our time with you.

As we spent more and more time in South Africa, we decided that our energies might be more effectively spent in raising money for bigger and bolder projects that will directly help the Zulu women and girls. 

So we have started The Zulu Education & Empowerment Foundation whose mission it is to develop educational and empowerment programs for the Zulu women and girls.

We are in the process of raising funding and our new website should be up soon.

So you see — our passion to help disadvantaged women has not dimmed, our passion to make a difference is as strong as ever — we have just changed direction and hopefully The Zulu Education & Empowerment Foundation will allow us to do bigger and better things in the future.

Zulu Education and Empowerment Foundation


Pat Walker
Founder & Executive Director

Phone: 415-387-7593